Tyrannt Of Dragons

Fuck IT


The Hunting Lodge

The troop completes the hunting lodge with haste. In this adventure they discover new information pertaining to the evergoing harsh task of discovering where the treasure hoards are being transported. In this adventure our group discovers that a few members have strayed the path. Blast Hardcheese realized his calling was in the murky swamps of the dangerous lands of Florida as so is Whitebeard. Together they will have been a great loss to the adventures. Next the adeventures must discover where they need to travel next to complete the task at.

Castle Naerytar

The adventurers are currently exploring the cold, dark depths of Castle Naerytar. Searching for the leaders of the alliance that seeks to bring back dragons to the lands of Faerun

The Road to the North

Upon returning from their adventures in Neverwinter the Group has now to decided to return to the task at hand. They have been tasked with discovering where the Cult of the Dragon is taking their gold. This had lead them to the Mere of Dead Men…..

Deadwinter Day

Last time our heroes traveled to Neverwinter on the hunt for the infamous thieves guild Murder of Crows. While in Neverwinter they were tasked to find the holiday figure head Satan Clausphurious to reverse to Deadwinter Day gloom. They successfully defeated many difficult foes and rescued the beloved Satan.

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